Pokémon Masters

Join the Pokémon Masters League with a dream team of past Trainers!

DeNA Co., Ltd.

Pokémon Masters is a game app that allows players to explore the island of Pasio. This is an all-new location within the world of Pokémon. This franchise has been around in various games and media since the 90s. Famous characters and trainers from throughout the franchise's history can be interacted with in this new game.

Players can play 3-on-3 matches with their Pokémon collections. They can even team up with their real-life friends to battle in tournaments. The ultimate goal is to collect the perfect team of Pokémon and to become a tournament champion.

Co-op play is encouraged in this game. If you do not have friends who are already playing, it's no big deal. Players can team up with others from around the world. Teamwork and proper strategy must be used in order to be victorious.